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US Green Card Advice is one of the most respected names in the world of guiding travelers through the process for getting to the United States, with over 20 years of deep experience spanning the dozens of visa options and their unique application requirements and processes. US Green Card Advice is the best choice when it comes to seeking Immigration Advice to the USA.

US Green Card Advice

Our team of over 20 researchers, writers and travel specialists, with offices in the United States, the United Kingdom and Hong Kong, brings distilled insights from two decades of services to travelers. We stay up to date and familiar with the latest developments and changes in the United States Immigration policy and procedures, as they are revised and updated periodically or with each change of administration.

Our collective deep understanding of the United States visa application process is now available to travelers under a series of tailor-made plans that cover Students, Tourists, Businessmen, and others. Have a look at our 41 visa types to find the one that best suits your needs.

US Green Card Advice can assist you in many other immigration matters. Just reach out, and we can help you find the right solution or the best Immigration lawyer in the United States of America.

We are probably best known for our series of lucid, user-friend, step-by-step visa guides which explain each visa and its elated application process and requirements for the lay travelers. Often our visa guide is all a traveler need.

Thousands of travelers have found their way to the United State with a little help from us.

Maybe this is what makes us the go-to people when you want to go to the United States.

Going to the United States is a big journey in more ways than one. It’s the world’s most exciting country but visiting there can be a life-changing experience even for a tourist.

Since 2000, US Green Card Advice has been the world’s number one guiding light for people everywhere trying to find their way to the United States, whether as immigrants in search of their own American dream or just as vacationing tourists, students, businessmen or as specialists offering their services.

A world of US Green Cards & Visas from US Green Card Advice

Not surprisingly, the United States also provides such travelers with dozens of different ways to reach their shores. An entire bouquet of visas has been designed to help people enter the United States, and for the traveler, navigating the visa jungle can be a big challenge.

As one of the leading services guiding and helping these hopeful travelers with immigration advice on getting to the United States, US Green Card Advice has learned a lot about their needs, challenges, hopes and expectations over two decades of operations.

We know the kind of questions travelers ask.

We understand where the pitfalls lie in the visa application process.

We know what increases the chances of a visa application going through successfully.

We know who the expert immigration lawyers are, and who could provide you with specialist help with certain complex visa applications.

Thousands of travelers have experienced US Green Card Advice´s great universe of support, and many of them have returned to us when they traveled again to the United States.

Take a look at a selection of their testimonials below and you’ll understand what makes us the most trusted name in regarding visa application support to the United States.


‘We couldn’t have done it without USGCA’

Two decades of service means thousands of satisfied customers. Our lifeline to a better service has always the letters we receive from our satisfied clients, whether it’s a bouquet or a brickbat, a suggestion or a critique, applause or complaint. Take a look at a few of our best testimonials below —

Your service has been super helpful for me and my family. Thank you so much. We saved precious time but we were also guided by one of the best immigration lawyers ever, and we chose her from the names in your recommended list of immigration lawyers. I’d recommend your service to anyone that wants to get to the United States without wasting time.

Lisa (Norway)

Our daughter finally made it to the US on an Au Pair exchange visitor visa — and the excellent support and guidance of your agency. Your visa guide was a life-saver. So was your support team, especially their patient and detailed advice on our endless questions. I couldn’t have wished for a more user-friendly and professional team. Asante sana!

Assumpta (Kenya)

I had a great experience with the United States Green Card Advice service — and am now in the United States, well on my way to my Green Card. US visa rules are very fluid and keep changing as administrations change. You really need someone who’s up-to-date with all the latest rules, requirements and regulations and can give you step-by-step advice.

Caroline Matatu (Cape Town)