VISITOR B-2 VISA (Medical Treatment)

The Visitor B-2 visa is the perfect choice for someone planning a holiday in the US or who wants to meet up with family and friends. The B-2 is a non-immigrant visa valid for ten years that allows you multiple entries into the United States for specific defined non-work-related purposes, including undergoing medical treatment.


 The blind man who wanted to see the US and got a Visitor B-2 Visa

Juan Perez was not born blind, but he steadily began losing his vision after he reached his teenage years. Local doctors in Lima, Peru, were either not skilled enough or knowledgeable enough to know that he had a treatment eye condition. By the time Juan was 21, he was completely blind.

His family was devastated. Juan, as the eldest child, had been a source of inspiration and hope for all his siblings. His curiosity, love of travel and adventure and great fondness for reading books of all kinds made him special to everyone who met him.

One day a visiting American missionary priest asked Juan’s parents to meet with him privately. He had seen Juan and wanted to know how the lad had lost his vision. On learning that it was not congenital, he suggested that they should seriously consider going to the United States and seeking if stem cell therapy could help him regain his vision.

Juan guided his young brothers and sisters in their web research, telling them what to look for —regenerative medicine — and making them read out their search findings. Eventually, they settled on the Johns Hopkins Center for Stem Cells and Ocular Regenerative Medicine.

His parents wrote to experts there, putting them in touch with local ophthalmologists. Tests were carried out, and second opinions taken. Eventually, the US eye doctors assessed that Juan had a very good chance of getting his eyesight back through stem cell therapy.

All that remained now was to get a the Visitor B-2 Visa — for which they needed some sensible US immigration advice.

And that was how they learned about the Visitor B-2 Visa, most commonly used by tourists visiting the US for pleasure but also issued to people with non-communicable diseases seeking treatment for a condition that was untreatable in their home country.

The Visitor B-2 Visa is one of the most generous and welcoming of non-immigrant visas for entering the United States. Once issued, it is valid for 10 years of multiple entries, with each visit as long as six months.

Applying for a B-2 Visitor visa is a little time-consuming even for ordinary tourists but in Juan’s case a good deal of extra paperwork was required, including letters from his local eye doctor and the one who would be treating him at the Johns Hopkins Center.

Most travelers using the B-2 Visitor Visa can easily complete the forms by themselves without the need to pay an agency to help them. If you would like more information on how to apply for this US visa to get medical treatment for yourself or someone you love, consult the detailed, user-friendly visa guides you get when you buy one of our plans.

As for Juan, the stem cell treatment was successful beyond his wildest dreams. He regained his vision completely, returned to his home in Peru and is now a teacher in a school.

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