7 Benefits of having a Green Card to the United States

A United States Green Card is the dream for many immigrants seeking a new life in the USA. While simply owning the card may seem like enough, there are actually plenty of things it offers. Here are 7 benefits of having a Green Card to the United States.

7 Benefits of Having a Green Card

1. Easier travel

With a Green Card, you can travel in and out of the US much more easily. The Green Card is a symbol of your permanent residency, meaning you don’t have to go through as strict immigration control and border checks.

2. University is cheaper

Many universities in America charge foreign students more money to attend. However, one of the benefits of having a Green Card is that you simply pay the same as any other American resident. In some cases, this can mean 50% less than what you would otherwise pay.

3. You can sponsor relatives

Once you have your Green Card, you can sponsor immigration applications for your immediate relatives. This includes children, parents, and spouses, and makes it much easier to get them into the country. You can also sponsor extended family members through the Preferred Family category.

4. Qualify for social security

Much like any other American resident, one of the benefits of having a Green Card is that you qualify for social security. This includes medical assistance, childcare, and more. Perhaps one of the most applicable is retirement benefits, which Green Card holders with more than 10 years of American work history can qualify for.

5. Contribute to political campaigns

While this probably isn’t one of your major reasons for getting US citizenship, holding a Green Card does mean you can donate to political campaigns. Importantly, this means you can lend your voice to politics and support a party that reflects your views.

6. Less paperwork to complete

Temporary or student residency visas need to be renewed either every year or two years. One of the benefits of having a Green Card is that you only need to complete the paperwork every 10 years when your card is due to expire. To do this, you simply need to fill out the I-90 six months before your card’s expiry date and submit it to the USCIS.

7. Better career prospects

As with most countries, temporary residents don’t have access to the same career opportunities as naturalized citizens. Also, temporary residents require sponsorship from their prospective employer, but this isn’t the case with Green Cards.
Once you’re a permanent resident of the US, you can apply for any job you want, establish your own company, or invest in others. Your opportunities are the same as everyone else’s.

Conclusion, the 7 benefits of having a Green Card is great if you want to live in the USA.

As you can see, there are many clear benefits of having a Green Card. In short, becoming a permanent resident of the US grants you access to pretty much everything a natural citizen has. Therefore, it makes complete sense to apply for a Green Card as soon as possible.