President Joe Bidens positive view on US Immigration

Anyone who has followed US politics for the last four years will know President Joe Bidens positive view on US Immigration. While not necessarily shared by the whole government, Trump made no secret in hiding his disdain for immigration.
Luckily, Joe Biden has been just as vocal in his support of immigration and the benefits it can bring to the USA. Here is a rundown on the key points of Biden’s
positive view on US immigration.

President Joe Bidens positive view on US Immigration

1. Immigration was a key campaign point

During the run-up to the election, Biden staked a large part of his campaign on immigration policies. He knew this would be a key (yet divisive) issue that would quickly win over his target voter base. Luckily it worked, as plenty of liberal-leaning voters were fed up with Trump’s incredibly populist rhetoric.

2. Undoing Trump’s damage

Perhaps one of the most positive steps Biden could take on US immigration was to begin undoing Trump’s toxic legacy. Within his first couple of weeks in office, Biden has already retracted the Muslim travel ban and halted construction on the Mexican border wall. Part of this also involved cancelling the state of emergency that had been in place since February 2018, which allowed Trump to divert funds from the Department of Defense.

3. Reintroduced DACA

DACA was a key policy introduced during the Obama administration, which Biden was involved in as vice president. Of course, during the Trump presidency, DACA was essentially canceled, leaving somewhere around 700,000 undocumented migrants in limbo. Biden reintroduced DACA within his first days in office, effectively canceling the potential deportation of thousands of
undocumented citizens.

4. Increasing refugee admissions

During the Trump presidency, refugee admissions were at an all-time low of 15,000 a year. On February 4, 2021, Biden began a wave of executive orders aimed at changing these regulations. Among them was the increase in migrant admissions up to 125,000. He also called for a report on the potential delay of Afghan and Iraqi visa applications.

5. US Citizenship Act 2021

Biden proposed this Act on his first day in office, which shows his positive view on US immigration. It offers a massive overhaul of the immigration system, ranging from processes to language. Importantly, it increases Diversity Visa
Lottery applications to 80,000 a year and offers temporary protected status to a range of undocumented migrant workers in the USA. On top of this, it also offers fast-track visa applications for those who have been in the country for between three and five years depending on residency status. While the Act hasn’t yet been passed through the Houses, it offers plenty of benefits for a wide range of migrants and workers.

Conclusion, President Joe Bidens positive view on US Immigration is great for USA

Joe Biden has been quite vocal about his stance on US immigration. Importantly, he knows how much of a divisive issue it is within the voter base, and so was able to leverage this position over Trump. However, his actions within his first few months in office demonstrate that this was more than just talk.