A Success Story of an Immigrant

A Success Story of an Immigrant

Success for an immigrant can take many different forms. But for those seeking the American Dream, success is a fairly straightforward concept. To highlight the potential immigrating can hold, here is a success story of an immigrant, told through the lens of different people.

Yuan – A Success Story of an Immigrant


Yuan had 8 failed immigration attempts before he was able to move to the USA. It originated because of a mix-up on his application, which led to him being seen as untruthful. By the time Yuan made it to the US, he was more determined than ever to make his life successful. He took a job at Webex but found that his skills weren’t appreciated by the management team.
Eventually he left and went on to found Zoom, a service that saw almost unbelievable growth due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In 2018, an employee survey gave him a near perfect score as CEO, and his current net worth is more than $10 billion. This is arguably the pinnacle of a success story of an immigrant: determination and hard work.

eric zoom A Success Story of an Immigrant

Vinod – A Success Story of an Immigrant


When Vinod made it to the USA in the 1970s, he had a total of $8. The Indian government gave him this like they did all immigrants. After gaining his BE in India, he studied for an MS in Physics at the University of Cincinnati. There he took a job as a research assistant, which paid $325.
After completing his degree, he took a job at Intel where he contributed to the Pentium processing chip, one of Intel’s most groundbreaking products. He’s known as “the father of Pentium” and has since moved on to found (and sell) his own company in Silicon Valley. Today, he runs a venture capitalist firm.

Vinod Dham scaled A Success Story of an Immigrant

Immigrants Contribute to America

These two are just some of many success stories of immigrants. While not everyone sets their sights on founding multi-billion dollar companies, immigrants make a massive contribution to the US economy.
Realistically, a success story of an immigrant looks different to everyone. Setting up a business is a key marker of success, but so is moving to a country to study or getting a job in a booming industry – whether this is well paying or not. Being an immigrant seems to come with a different concept of hard work, perhaps because they have to go through the immigration process.
The important cornerstone of success for immigrants is determination. As is shown in the stories above, you don’t need to move to the country with much – or anything at all. While Vinod only having $8 sounds drastic, he was able to make something of himself by working hard at university. Much the same is true for Yuan; he had a vision and worked hard to achieve it.


While using people such as those above as inspiration is fine, it’s also important for each immigrant to define their own marker of success. It all depends on what they want and how they plan to achieve it. One thing is true, though: a success story of an immigrant will always contain hard work and determination above all else.

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