Customer Testimonials

I don’t know how I’d have reached the United States without the help of US Green Card Advice
Ask any of our satisfied customers who made it to the United States and they’ll tell you the same thing — they couldn’t have done it without US Green Card Advice. Over 20 years, we’ve assisted thousands of clients. Here are just a few of the Customer Testimonials.

Customer Testimonials

Thank you so much, USGCA — we had the best family holiday ever in the United States, and we could not have done it without the great visa guides we got by joining your Family Plan. Strongly recommended! Getting to the USA is not getting any easier.

Simon Nguyen (Hanoi)

Your service has been super helpful for me and my family. Thank you so much. We saved precious time but we were also guided by one of the best immigration lawyers ever, and we chose her from the names in your recommended list of immigration lawyers. I’d recommend your service to anyone that wants to get to the United States without wasting time.

Lisa (Norway)

Our daughter finally made it to the US on an Au Pair exchange visitor visa — and the excellent support and guidance of your agency. Your visa guide was a life-saver. So was your support team, especially their patient and detailed advice on our endless questions. I couldn’t have wished for a more user-friendly and professional team. Asante sana!

Assumpta (Kenya)

I had a great experience with the United States Green Card Advice service — and am now in the United States, well on my way to my Green Card. US visa rules are very fluid and keep changing as administrations change. You really need someone who’s up-to-date with all the latest rules, requirements and regulations and can give you step-by-step advice. Thank you, USGCA!

Caroline Matatu (Cape Town)

The thing that impressed me most about the US Green Card Advice service was their speed. Though I’d purchased one of their plans, I still had a thousand questions as I went through the application process. I always, always got a reply within hours. Oh, and I love their visa guides. You won’t find anything as comprehensive, up-to-date, user-friendly and clearly written anywhere else.

Mabili Kiranga (Nairobi)

The first time I tried to go to the United States, I didn’t. I just ended up losing a lot of money to an agency who promised to get me a Business visa. But by the time they were done, the business conference I wanted to attend was over. I wish I’d found US Green Card Advice earlier. I’d have saved a whole year.

George Omatseye (Lagos)

I come from Latvia, which is part of the USA’s visa waiver program, so I already knew that I just needed an authorization called ESTA. I sure didn’t want to pay for an application service unless I really needed to. Luckily, I found US Green Card Advice, and then everything really became super-easy. I bought one of their plans and downloaded the step-by-step ESTA guide which came with it. I can tell you USGCA saved me a lot of time— and money.

Grigori (Latvia)

A friend recommended US Green Card Advice to me but I was really skeptical of paying money just to download a visa guide. But boy, am I glad I did! My husband is a software engineer in Silicon Valley and the kids and I needed to join him. I really thought I’d need a costly professional visa agency but I didn’t. USGCA’s plan included not just visa guides but also recommendations for expert immigration lawyers who could guide us. That really helped!

Rachel Vanderbilt (Amsterdam)

Me and my girlfriend had a dream drive planned down the US west coast from Seattle to Los Angeles. We’d been saving money for years but frankly, I don’t think we’d have made it without all the guidance we got from US Green Card Advice’s handy visa guides. You have to
buy into one of their visa plans first but just do it. It’s way cheaper than paying a fortune to some shady visa application agency.

Mark Chatham (Brighton)

I’ve always dreamed of studying in the United States but to be honest, I never thought I’d make it. The sheer amount of information and advice on the Internet is overwhelming. Anyway, I’m so glad I found US Green Card Advice. Their step-by-step visa guides to entering the US as a student are the best I’ve seen. I hadn’t even known that students could choose between two visas (F1 and J1). Just using their F1 visa guide, I made the visa application by myself without paying a hefty fee to some agency. You have the option of consulting one of their panel of expert immigration lawyers, but I didn’t need that. Thanks for the great service, USGCA!

Julia Bernard (Belgium)

My best friend from school and I got admission to the University of Berkeley in California. He decided to apply for his student visa through an application agency. I joined the US Green Card Advice’s Student plan. After downloading their detailed visa guides, I completed the application process and got my student visa without a hitch. My friend, unfortunately, ended up paying a lot of money and was eventually refused the visa because of some paperwork errors made by the agency. He re-applied and got the visa finally — but the second time, he went with the USGCA!

Ahmed Latif (Istanbul)

Just want to say that we had a top class experience working with one of the expert immigration lawyers recommended to me by US Green Card Advice. Our immigration application to the USA was really complicated because of the ever-changing visa rules. I’m so glad we bought one of USGCA’s visa plans and worked through one of their empanelled immigration lawyers. She really walked our family through that visa jungle. We’re now in the USA, on track to get our green cards.

Charlotte Williams (Australia)

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