Diversity Visa Program

The Diversity Visa Program, You probably know it better as the Green Card Lottery. The is one of the most visible and durable signs of the United States’ commitment to having a population as ethnically diverse as possible. If you are born in a country that is not very well represented in the United States ethnic mix and can meet a few straightforward but strict conditions, you can enter the Green Card Lottery for free to get one of the 55.000 Green Cards that are issued each year in the United States

Diversity Visa Program

How The Moose won the biggest lottery of all – The Diversity Visa Program

Everybody knew Khalid Mustafa as one of the rising stars of Algerian football. He was an exceptional goalie, and it was assumed that if the Moose, as he was known, was guarding the goalpost, you might as well call it a day and go home.

Less known about Khalid was his passion for statistics. He had always been fascinated by games of chance and delighted in working out the odds of various events. The Moose would hardly have predicted that one day his statistical skills would help him change the course of his own life.

Khalid got married when he was 28 to Mariam, a pretty South African girl living in Algeria. By the time he was 32, they’d had two children, and Mariam had begun whispering to him that Algeria might not be the best place in the world to bring up children.

She had a country in mind: the United States. She even had a visa in mind — the Diversity Visa Program, better known as the Green Card Lottery. It took her a while to convince him but once he agreed, Khalid the statistician went to work.

The latest Diversity Visa Program statistics available were 342,857 Algerians had applied for the Diversity Visa Lottery but only 2,897 had been invited to the visa interview in the American Embassy after being selected. The Moose calculated the chances of being selected for a Diversity Visa as an Algerian were a only 0.84%.

He did some more math — each year, up to 55,000 Diversity Visas were distributed between six regions, of which Africa was one. Even if they were equally divided (they aren’t) each region would only get about 8,333 visas. In a giant continent like Africa, with 54 countries, each country would average about 154 visas.

He then calculated the odds for each African country and found that three were in the top five in terms of chances of winning — South Africa (4.5%); Namibia (4.1%) and Zimbabwe (3.4%). His chances would have been highest if he’d been born in Tonga (15%) or Fiji (11.7%), but alas, he wasn’t.

But Mariam was South African! They decided to apply separately because not only were her chances higher as a South African but submitting two applications as a married couple would double their chances of being selected.

Then the Moose realized that the window for applying for the lottery was just a few weeks spread over October and November. If he and Mariam were not quick off the mark, other countries would beat them to it and the region’s quota would be exhausted.

But what if he forgot? Or got delayed? Mariam wondered if they could find someone who could make sure their applications got filed right and early. That was when they decided to look for a professional agency to help them with their application. And they stumbled upon US GREEN CARD OFFICE.

The legendary Diversity Visa Program is among the most popular and sought-after of the various US visas. Every year, up to 55,000 visas are released, and millions apply from all over the world. About 100,000 – 125,000 names are picked each year since many do not qualify because of late or incorrect submissions, though eventually only 55,000 are awarded visas.

The Moose and Mariam, working with the US GREEN CARD OFFICE, got everything right. Mariam’s name came up in the lottery as predicted and she applied on the family’s behalf with the Moose as her dependent spouse. It cost them a few hundred dollars more to do it through the US GREEN CARD OFFICE, but they thought the service was well worth it.

Now the Moose is happily teaching football to children in Denver, Colorado.

You could apply for the Diversity Visa Program all by yourself using the detailed Visa Application guide that you get when you go in for one of our paid plans. For a slight extra service charge, we’d be happy to even submit an application for you and your spouse, with a service discount that ranges from $25 to 100% free submission, depending on the plan you choose. Before you choose to do it yourself using our step-by-step guide for the Diversity Visa Program please have a look at the comparison charts from US Green Card Office

The “do it yourself” Diversity Visa Program Guide is included in all our Visa Plans. Click here to see some of your plan options. If you have questions or would like clarifications about any of our Visa Guides, please send us an email and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.