Fiance of US Citizen K-1 Visa

No matter which kind of fiancé you are, you will need a US citizen to whom you are engaged to be married. You will enter the US on a K-1 Nonimmigrant visa and will have a period of 90 days during which to solemnize your marriage to the US citizen.

Fiance of US Citizen K-1 Visa

The Ukraine girl who knocked John Lemon out and got her Fiance of US Citizen K-1 Visa

John Lemon not only looked a little bit like the famous Beatle but his surname was close enough to ‘Lennon’ for people to get confused. It was incidental that he was also a diehard Beatles fan and knew all the words to every single Beatles song. Including, of course, Back in the USSR.

John particularly liked the line “The Ukraine girls really knock me out”. In his school days, he would wonder what was so special about Ukrainian girls. Would he ever meet one?

Little did John know that one day he would be sitting across a table in an open-air café in Kyiv, proposing to Ludmilla, a lovely Ukrainian girl he had lost his heart to. This is how it came about.

The day John celebrated his 42nd birthday, he realized that he was just not cut out to live a solitary life. One impulsive marriage when he was a young lad fresh out of college had failed rather quickly. Somehow he had just met no one else after that, at least no one who sent his heart racing.

Rather than wait around, John went online and found an international matchmaking agency. He was aware of some of the scandals around the so-called Russian mail-order brides and knew also that some agencies were involved in human trafficking under the guide of matchmaking.

He proceeded carefully, guessing correctly that not all matchmaking agencies were scammers. Soon he found himself in chat with a 32 years old Ukrainian woman called Ludmilla. Her quaint English bewitched him and so did her honesty and good humour. They agreed that meeting in person would be a good idea.

This was how John found himself one morning in Kyiv, flowers in hand, waiting to meet Ludmilla. His planned one week visit turned into a month. By the time he left, he had proposed marriage to her and been accepted.

Now came the difficult part — how could Ludmilla, a non-US citizen, join John Lemon in the United States so that they could get married?

Easy. Apply for Fiance of US Citizen K-1 Visa!

A number of people enter the United States as fiancé(e)s of US citizens. In some cases, the fiancé(e) might be someone from the same original country as the US citizen. In others, he or she could be someone encountered online through a matchmaking site.

John had to start the process by filing a Petition for an Alien Fiancé (I-130), proving through photographs, emails and other evidence that he was indeed Ludmilla’s rightful, legal fiancé and that they both intended to become man and wife once she reached the US.

Legally, they had precisely 90 days in which to solemnize their relationship and get legally married. If they weren’t wed in this period, Ludmilla would have to return to Kyiv. Since they loved each other so much, they were actually married within a week. Ludmilla will soon file a request that her Fiance of US Citizen K-1 Visa be adjusted and changed to give her Lawful Permanent Resident status in the US.

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