Green Card through Family in the USA

Green Card through Family in the USA. If you are the spouse, unmarried child under the age of 21, orphan adopted abroad by US citizens, or parent of a US citizen who is at least 21 years old, you are instantly eligible. There is no annual limit to how many immediate relatives of US citizens may be allowed to immigrate to the US.

Green Card through Family in the USA

Green Card through Family in the USA – It feels so good to be home again…


Octavia Ceaucescu, 36, had never thought the final stage of her Green Card visa would take so long. Back in Scornicesti, Romania, where her husband and two children still lived, the agent had told her everything would happen super efficiently. Why, she wondered, was she still so far from her loved ones three years after moving to the United States?

The idea of migrating to the United States had started five years ago. Octavia was a highly reputed scholar of Hungarian history and anthropology, two very unlikely subjects to have studied together. However, she had been interested in both and had done two separate courses, leading to a doctorate in medical anthropology and a Master’s in Hungarian history.

The idea of migrating to the US came up when she received an invitation from Syracuse University to head up their Department of Russian and Central European Studies. By then, her work and expertise in her subjects had been recognized and she had received citations, widespread recognition and awards.

She readily accepted the offer, with the full support of her husband and children. The university felt she could easily receive an EB-1 visa, reserved for persons of provable extraordinary ability in their fields. The plan was that once she had settled into her new job, she would apply for Lawful Permanent Residency (LPR) by filing Form I-485 for a change of visa status.

Once this came through, she would apply for Green Cards for her husband and children so that they could join her. The normal processing time for Form I-485 processing, she was told, was about six months, but by the time she received LPR status, nine months had passed.

She had no idea nine months could feel so long. Every day she missed her husband and children. If only there were some way that they could join her. One of her fellow professors at the university thought there might be special visas for such cases.

There was a range of visas, in fact. As Octavia researched, she found that depending on whether you were a US citizen or had LPR Green Card status, there were multiple choices — a selection of F visas if you were already a citizen, and another set of IR visas for those who had been granted LPR status.

Since Octavia had come in on an EB-1A visa as a person of extraordinary ability, everything moved quickly after that. Her family’s Green Card through Family in the USA applications were processed rapidly.

Let’s just say that they had one of the best Christmases of their lives that year in the United States.

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