Intern Program J-1 Visa USA

Under the Intern Intern Program J-1 Visa USA, Non-US college and university students or recent graduates can come to the United States to American culture and lifestyles while receiving hands-on experience in their chosen professional, occupational or business area of study field as an intern with a company.

Intern Program J-1 Visa USA

How Jacob saved the world’s dolphins and whales with his Intern Program J-1 Visa USA

When Jacob was just a boy whenever he was asked, “What are you going to be when you grow up?” he always had the same answer: “I’m going to save whales and dolphins.” He’d been a fan of dolphins for as long as he could remember, and movies like Free Willie and Finding Nemo only made him more passionate about his cause.

No one was surprised when he opted for the biological sciences in college. He knew the next step would be to find a course in marine biology in some international university and then perhaps do some real work with Greenpeace International and start making a difference. It seemed like a long road and a slow journey, but he was sure it would be great.

One day his biology professor asked him if he’d considered an internship with a real marine conservation organization.

“But I haven’t even finished college, sir,” he said.

Apparently, it didn’t matter. He learned that he could travel to the United States even while he was in college as part of their Exchange Visitor Program (EVP) and intern for as long as a year with a marine conservation organization.

Excited, Jacob went online for some friendly US Immigration advice and found that it was all true. Intern Program J-1 Visa USA was one of 15 categories under the EVP — and he was eligible for it because he was a student enrolled in a non-US college and over 18 years of age.

Under the EVP’s Intern Program, a non-American college-going student like Jacob could enter the United States on a J-1 Visa under the Teacher Program to supplement his academic knowledge with practical hands-on training as an intern. Depending on the nature of training, he could be in the US for as long as 12 months, though once the training ended he would be expected to return to his home country to apply what he had learnt.

Like all programs in the EVP, the Intern Program J-1 Visa USA too requires acceptance by an approved sponsor agency or company. It also requires a prior confirmation of employment as an intern with a US company. Typically, the sponsoring agency would normally help secure this once they had accepted him. A complete list of approved sponsor organizations for the EVP Trainee Program was also available online.

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