Teacher Program J-1 Visa 

The Teacher Program J-1 Visa gives foreign teachers a great opportunity to teach in accredited American primary and secondary schools while also experiencing the life and culture of the United States.

Teacher Program J-1 Visa

How Idris became everybody’s favorite teacher with a Teacher Program J-1 Visa

Idris Joseph, 34, had won enough awards in Ethiopia to know that he was a really good teacher. He was well beloved by his students and respected by his fellow teachers, who considered him a genius when it came to explaining complex scientific concepts into language that kids could understand. It helped that in addition to his native Amharic, his English was impeccable and almost at native.

The suggestion that he should teach in an American school, just for the experience, came from his friend in the Education Ministry. Idris certainly had had his eye on a visit to the United States for a while, but it had never occurred to him that he could there to teach. “I’ll never meet their requirements,” he said. His friend said there was something called an exchange program where he might find a place.

And so there was. When Idris searched online, he discovered that the United States had a diverse and creative Exchange Visitor Program (EVP) designed to give non-US students, professionals and others a range of opportunities to spend short periods in the US and experience the culture and life of America while meeting their academic or professional goals.

The Teacher Program J-1 Visa was one of 15 categories in the EVP. And it seemed Idris was more than eligible. He was almost certainly a shoo-in.

Idris spoke with his travel agent to seek some US Immigration advice and learned about the Teacher Program J-1 Visa under which he could visit the US and teach there.

The EVP was designed to encourage people from other cultures to visit the USA and experience an exciting country while studying or working there. The Teacher Program allows you to teach in an accredited public, private or chartered primary or secondary American school (K-12), and also pre-kindergarten language immersion and international school programs for a limited period. Once the program period ends, you are expected to return to your home country.

Like all programs in the EVP, this visa requires acceptance by an approved sponsor agency or company. It also requires a prior confirmation of a teaching job at a participating American school. The sponsoring agency normally helps secure this. A complete list of sponsor organizations approved by the Department of State to manage the Teacher Program J-1 Visa is available online to get you started.

Idris taught in a public school in New York for three years, the maximum period allowed. He became one of the most popular teachers there and when his tenure ended, everyone was really sorry to see him go.

You can get more information on how to apply for the Teacher Program J-1 Visa, including how to find the best sponsors, from the detailed, user-friendly visa guides you get when you buy one of our Visa Plans online.

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