Trainee Program J-1 Visa 

The Trainee Program J-1 Visa represents a distinctive opportunity to young professionals all over the world to visit the United States to both advance their skills and enjoy USA’s life and culture.

Trainee Program J-1 Visa

How a rocket scientist made it to the USA with a Trainee Program J-1 Visa

Ravi Gurunath was already a star within the Indian Space Research Organization at age 32. He had shown not just a superb grasp of space science and rocket technology but also displayed sterling leadership qualities. But Ravi knew he needed more. Every time he read some news about the International Space Station or the Mars Orbiter from NASA, he knew he needed to learn more about rocket science. And which country better suited for it than the United States? But how would he find an aerospace organization willing to train him?

It was by pure chance that a visiting professor from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, learning about Ravi’s interest, mentioned that there might be a way for him to get higher training in his field in the US through something called the Exchange Visitor Program (EVP). And that is how Ravi learned about the amazing Trainee Program and its Trainee Program J-1 Visa, which allowed students and professionals to experience US life and culture while meeting their academic or professional goals.

He paid a visit to a friendly travel agent for some US Immigration advice. Yes, the Trainee Program was designed specifically for people who wanted further training in a chosen field — and yes, he was certainly more than eligible.  

As he dug deeper, Ravi learned that under the EVP’s Training Program Under the Trainee Program, a non-American professional like himself could enter the United States to get upgraded through a training program in his or her area of expertise. Depending on the nature of training, he could be in the United States for anything from 12 to 18 months, though once the training ended, he would be expected to return to his home country to apply what he had learnt.

Like all programs in the EVP, this visa requires acceptance by an approved sponsor agency or company. It also requires a prior confirmation of employment as a trainee with a US company. The good news was that the sponsoring agency would normally help secure this once they had accepted him.

To make the work easier, though, a complete list of approved sponsor organizations for the EVP Trainee Program is available online to get you started.

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